Zinc Media provides a quality service to a growing community of talented professionals requiring audio services for Music, Film ,TV, Radio, Web, and Multi-media Projects. Zinc Media is headed by industry professional, Damian Rodriguez

  • Music Production
  • Professional Musicians
  • Audio Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Sound Design
  • Critical De-noising/Audio Clean-up
  • ADR
  • Live Music Recording – Multi-Channel – Stereo
  • Studio, Pro Tools and General Audio Consultation
  • ISRC Manager

Latest Releases :

Judivan Roots – Threshold of Light


Winchester Kelso – Kingdom Come Vol. 1

Ginger Doss – Hippie Pocket

Bekah Kelso & The Fellas – No Stranger

Cailey Collins

J.A. Carter

Voted 2014 Best Recording Engineer – SA Current
 2013 Best Producer – SA Current